• CXS Chemical Dry Pumps

    CXS is Edwards most advanced chemical dry pump featuring new tapered-screw technology for exceptional energy efficiency and performance.

    CXS offers high reliability and effluent-free pumping even in the most difficult of harsh chemical and pharmaceutical processing applications. Featuring corrosion-free operation and robust liquid and solids handling, the CXS is capable of continuously pumping up to one liter of liquid per minute continuously or up to 25 liter-slugs without stopping, and provides an ultimate vacuum down t 10-2 mbar. CXS is available in two sizes, with capacities of 160 m3h-1 and 250 m3h-1.

    With up to 5 years between services, no routine maintenance and a minimum 25-year design life, the CXS combines high reliability with the lowest cost of ownership of any dry pump. The very latest in chemical pump technology design, the CXS features a new discrete, tapered variable pitch screw mechanism for improved thermal management and optimised pumping performance. Additionally, the pump's onboard controller provides low-cost pump controls for a wide range of vacuum duties.

    • Simple: 
      Easy Installation & Integration with Existing Systems
    • Robust & Reliable:
      Cutting Edge Screw Technology for Corrosion-Free Operation & Robust Liquid & Solids Handling During Process Upsets
    • Environmentally Friendly:
      Quiet Running, No Effluent Generation & Low Utilities Consumption
    • Low Cost of Ownership:
      Best In Class Installation & Running Costs

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    When F.D. Edwards began manufacturing vacuum equipment in 1939, he made a commitment to technical innovation that remains solidly at the heart of what we do today.

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