• Data Analysis & Reporting Tool (DART)

    DART is the Data Analysis and Reporting Tool. DART fundamentally organizes data captured from FabWorks-iMS and produces easy to read reports detailing key information about the Fab.

    DART information can be used to optimize the equipment set-ups and decrease system down times. DART now comes as standard with FabWorks-iMS offering:

    • View parameter data
    • Management reporting
    • Archive management
    • Personal preference selection (units)

    DART is supplied and set up on the main monitoring server as detailed below. This means all the DART reporting can be accessed (as with FabWorks-iMS) over the customer’s Local Area Network (LAN) or (if agreed) by way of a remote connection (a modem or a secure Internet connection.

    DART Functions
    Parameter Viewing
    With parameter viewing the user can select a specific time frame, which may be a month or week or day. The type of equipment is then selected for viewing. The system will then automatically generate a graphical summary of the selected system(s) status during the time frame highlighted.

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