• Edwards Advanced Diagnostic Services

    FabWorks-iMS advanced diagnostic services (EADS) offer multi-parameter algorithms to anticipate the onset of process related issues in vacuum pump and abatement equipment.  These services can significantly reduce costs and improve productivity by:

    • Minimising the number of scrapped wafer batches and unplanned tool downtime;
    • Maximising wafer throughput / yield;
    • Providing reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) by servicing equipment when necessary.

    A range of FabWorks-iMS EADS models are available:

    • Dry Pump Deposition
    • Booster Deposition
    • Abatement Combustor Blockages
    • Exhaust/Trap Blockages
    • Turbo System Contamination (in development)
    • Turbo System Leak Detection (in development

    For each model, there are generally three alerts at two levels.


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    When F.D. Edwards began manufacturing vacuum equipment in 1939, he made a commitment to technical innovation that remains solidly at the heart of what we do today.

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