• A controlled, cost-effective outcome….every time.
    ‘Choices’ that reflect modern semiconductor process needs.

    In a competitive industry that sees daily advancements in technology, process up-time is extremely important.  The availability, and quality of vacuum is crucial in achieving this and the ability to plan ahead is often key. To ensure your vacuum pump remains reliable throughout its operating life, a solid maintenance regime is required to ensure that it delivers the performance you need, when you need it.

    At Edwards, we understand vacuum like no other. As pioneers of dry pumping technology, we maintain thousands of vacuum pumps every year. We understand how they are manufactured and the applications they serve. We provide the services solutions you need to plan ahead with confidence.


    Introducing ‘Choices’ Service Solutions

    By offering a selection of service levels, each adapted to address a specific need, we can help you keep meet your operational goals while keeping your total cost of ownership to a minimum.


  • Our History

    When F.D. Edwards began manufacturing vacuum equipment in 1939, he made a commitment to technical innovation that remains solidly at the heart of what we do today.

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