• World-Class sophisticated vacuum technology, abatement systems and related value-added services.

  • Our Markets

    Semiconductor2 Semiconductor
    World-Class Solutions | Experience Matters
    Serving all leading process tool OEMs and with a presence at every major semiconductor fab in the world, our systems are designed to meet the specific, demanding requirements of existing and developing processes.
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    FPD2 Flat Panel
    Experience You Can Trust
    We provide leading edge vacuum and exhaust management solutions, offering innovative, cost-effective and modular systems for each Flat Panel Display manufacturing generation.  We help manufacturers transition to energy efficient vacuum and abatement products.
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    LED2 LED Improving Your Operational Efficiency
    We provide vacuum systems and unique hydrogen-inject abatement burner technology which provides high destruction efficiencies without producing NOx.  As the sector evolves and the demand to reduce greenhouse gases continues, we will continue to invest in our technology to meet this demand.
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    Photovoltaic2 Photovoltaic Clean Solutions for a Bright Future
    We are the only manufacturer that can supply solar cell producers worldwide with a broad range of vacuum and exhaust management systems. We enable the extremely clean and controlled environments that are essential for efficient manufacturing.
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    Industrial_Vacuum2 Industrial
    Maximize Your Productivity & Performance
    We offer the most comprehensive range of vacuum pumps available to the industrial user.  Our pumps and accessories can be supplied either as individual components or as fully systematized, factory tested combinations.
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    Rotator_Image_Chemical Chemical 
    Process Industries
    More Than Pumps | Complete Vacuum Solutions
    Our experience enables us to provide the optimum package for your requirements - off the shelf or a system-engineered package. We add value by providing reliable solutions that improve your performance and reduce your costs.
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    Rotator_Image_Scientific Research
    & Development
    Dedicated To Science

    We're able to meet the challenges presented by today's research and development laboratories by offering a broad range of vacuum products optimised for performance from atmospheric pressure to ultra-high vacuum.

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    Rotator_Image_RD Scientific
    Performance You Can Rely On
    Decades of experience and collaboration with major scientific instrument manufacturers ensures we have a clear understanding of the role vacuum plays across all analytical techniques. Our high quality vacuum pumps enable enhanced performance and excellent reliability.
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    Rotator_Image_Power Power
    Optimum Solutions to Fit Your Requirements
    By working with engineers and operators, we are able to push the limits of vacuum system design; creating solutions to meet the demands of increasingly challenging applications.
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    Rotator_Image_Process Steel
    Simple Installation, Fast Commissioning, Reliable Production
    The largest installed base of dry pumps in the global steel industry with a global footprint of manufacturing, sales and service.
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