• Product Safety

    We are committed to excellence in the management of the Environment, Health and Safety.  There are no higher priorities for us than the health and safety of our colleagues, contractors, customers and the protection of the environment. 

    One way in which we apply this is by having strong systems in place to ensure that our products are safe for customers and the environment. We also design our products to comply with all relevant product safety and environmental laws and standards.

    Edwards has strong product safety management systems, including:

    Rigorous product safety review process:

    • For all new and modified designs worldwide
    • Standard and non-standard
    • Separate 6-stage project safety review process

    Compliance with all relevant product safety laws and standards:

          • e.g. CE, UL, ETL, SEMI S2 – third party where appropriate
          • Full TUV-approved in-house, EMC test facility
          • Full environmental testing facilities for temperature, humidity etc
          • Rigorous investigation and corrective action process for any potentially unsafe events involving Edwards products
          • REACH compliance for all products
          • RoHS compliance for scientific and semiconductor pumps
          • In-house lead free soldering capability

          Edwards policy is to eliminate any foreseeable injury or damage associated with the use of its products by ensuring we only market safe products. This is achieved through employees adhering to the standards contained in the company's product safety procedures such as:

          • All departments understanding and complying with their responsibilities contained in the product safety manual

          • Products being designed and reviewed in accordance with the Product Safety and Compliance Review Procedure

          • Products meeting relevant product safety laws and standards in the territories into which they are sold

          • Giving consideration to their environmental impact during initial design review

          • Customers receiving clear communication regarding any safety issues relating to the delivery, installation, operation, maintenance and disposal of products
          • Product safety incidents being given priority, and investigated promptly in accordance with the Product Safety Complaints Procedure

          • Products meeting relevant product safety laws and standards in the territories into which they are sold. Edwards works actively with a number of industry associations to develop technology and industry safety standards.

          The development of safe and environmentally acceptable products is continuous.

          • Our History

            When F.D. Edwards began manufacturing vacuum equipment in 1939, he made a commitment to technical innovation that remains solidly at the heart of what we do today.

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