• Market Leading Dry Vacuum Pumps For Steel Degassing Processes

    Our leading market position as a vacuum supplier for steel degassing is built on our understanding of customers’ processes and expertise in providing vacuum solutions for vacuum degassing (VD), vacuum oxygen decarburising (VOD) and Ruhrstahl Heraeus (RH) processes.

    We have by far the largest installed base of dry pumps in the global steel industry with a global footprint of manufacturing, sales and service:

    • Quick Return on Investment:
      No Waste Disposal & Lower Energy Cost than Steam Ejectors
    • Trusted & Proven Technology:
      Largest Dry Pump Installed Base in the Global Steel Industry
    • Configured to Your Process
      Modular Design with Different Pump Ranges for all Heat Sizes
    • Ease of Adoption
      Simple Installation, Fast Commissioning, Reliable Production
    • High Productivity:
      System Design Concept Ensures High Uptime             
    • Low Cost of Ownership
      Robust Pump Design with Minimal Routine Maintenance
    • Your Partner Throughout the Journey:
      All Your Vacuum Requirements Provided by a Single Source, from Pump Manufacturing, System Design, Testing to Service

  • VD & VOD Processes
    RH Processes

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